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2017 - 2018 Board of Directors

The Minnesota Change Management Network (MNCMN) is pleased to announce our 2017-2018 Board of Directors! Thank you to all who voted for our open Board of Director positions; we are excited to share this news with you.

2017-18 MNCMN Board of Directors:

  • President: Stacey Ferguson (Previous: Vice President)  President & Principal Consultant, The Ferguson Group
  • Vice President: Scott Yager (Newly Elected)  Sr. Manager, Organizational Development, Medtronic
  • Treasurer: Michelle Nicklow (Past: Treasurer Vice Chair)   Vice President, Finance – Commercial, Ceridian
  • Past President: PeggySue Marquez Kelly (Past: President)  Managing Partner / Sr. Project Director, CEDA LLC
  • Programming Chair: Don Haney (Past: Programming Vice Chair)  Internal Communications Specialist
  • Professional Development Vice Chair: Shannon Bitney (Past: Professional Development Vice Chair)  Leader, Change Management Practice, \N SPRO
  • Networking Vice Chair: Matt Holcomb (Newly Elected)  Solution Principal, Slalom Consulting
  • Awareness Chair: Samantha Kemming (Past: Communications Vice Chair)  President, G&T Consulting, Inc.
  • Event Marketing Vice Chair: Lisa Koehler (Newly Elected)  Director of Training & Quality, Bluestem Brands
  • Internal Communications Vice Chair: Cecilia Mische (Newly Elected)  Communications Manager, Allianz Life
  • Membership Chair: Tracy Schmidt (Past: Membership Vice Chair)  SVP Human Resources, Be the Match
  • Technology Chair: Corey Dooley (Past: Technology Chair)  Sr. Partner, Learning & Change, Training Geeks

And, a very special thanks to our 2016-17 Board of Directors who have completed their term! Your time, dedication and efforts over the course of the last year have helped to continue MNCMN’s growth and evolution. Thank you!

2016-17 MNCMN Board of Directors:

  • Past President: Paul Feikema  President of Global Delivery at Lionisty
  • Treasurer: Eddie Parcher  Vice President, Finance Operations, Certain
  • Communications Chair: Nate Caskey  President, Caskey Consulting Group, LLC
  • Membership Chair: John Murphy  Sr. IT – Project Lead, Change Management at Medtronic
  • Programming Chair: Jason Houle  Consultant, North Highland
  • Public Relations Chair: Janelle Schulenberg  Managing Partner, Tacet Consulting
  • Board Administrator: Kelsey Hansen  Project Manager Associate, Ceridian

Please join us in welcoming our new MNCMN Board of Directors and thanking our exiting board members.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@MNCMN.org

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